We investigate your unique waste water needs and design individual solutions to meet them. We take into consideration the spatial, environmental and functional requirements of your organisation and visualise the most effective ways to tailor a fibreglass product.


We undergo thorough in-house research and development to transition your fibreglass product from the drawing board to reality. Using efficient, high-tech facilities, we continue to refine our products until you are satisfied with your fibreglass solution.


Using the highest quality fibreglass available, we manufacture durable and industry certified products. Through a highly efficient production line, our fibre glass products are ready quickly whilst being made to last.

Get to know our company

Established in 1951, Aglass is an Australian owned business specialising in the engineering, design and manufacture of fibreglass products.

Offering particular expertise in the production of grease arrestors/grease traps, sewage and storm water pumps, general purpose pits and car wash bays, Aglass possesses unique knowledge of fibreglass design for the waste water industry. Highly flexible and practised, Aglass tailors its products to the individual needs of your business.

Our Products

Our products are made using the highest quality fibreglass and are fully compliant with Australian Industry Standards. Browse our range.


We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and individualised client attention.
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Coles Leppington
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