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Grease Extractor

Grease Extractors are commonly used in Cafe’s, Restaurants, and Take-aways to remove the free grease and oils and assist in preventing pipe blockages etc.
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The 500 Litre Grease Extractor is a substitute for the 1000 Litre Arrestor and is used in areas where there is limited space available to install a 1000 Litre Grease Arrestor. The 500 Litre has an inbuilt Zabel Filter which assists with the retention of grease and oils therefore making installation in tight spots a desirable option.

NB: Prior approval is to be sought from the governing water authority prior to purchase.

This is a Sydney Water Approved Product.

Why fibreglass and not concrete?

As per Sydney Water requirements, all concrete / reinforced precast grease arrestors / extractors must be epoxy coated internally, annually.

Fibreglass Grease Extrators are fabricated with a 7mm Iso-resin wall, HPR-800 Gun Rovings, Iso-Npg Gelcoat internal lining and Iso-NpgFlowcoat external finish.

Aglass Grease Extractors do comply with the principals of the following Australian Standards.

  1. AS 5200 – 2005 – Procedures for certification of plumbing and drainage products.
  2. AS 3500:2003 – Plumbing and Drainage.
  3. AS/NZ 4494:1998 – Discharge of commercial and industrial liquid waste to sewer – General performance requirements.

Sizes:  500 litre

Construction: Heavy Duty Fibreglass

Installation: Can be installed above ground and below ground

A wide range of lids are available including:

  1. Heavy Duty Fibreglass for garden beds.
  2. Light Duty Class B – Pedestrian trafficable gas tight.
  3. Heavy Duty Class D – Cars, Trucks, Semi-Trailers and Forklifts.

If gravity fall is not obtainable on an below ground unit various sizes of Risers are available.

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