Dry Arrestor Pit

Dry Arrestor Pits are commonly used in Seafood Retailers and Fish Shops to remove solid food scraps, fish scales, and organic solids and assist in preventing pipe blockages etc. They are required by legislation in many areas.

Fibreglass Dry Arrestor Pits are fabricated with a 7mm Iso-resin wall, HPR-800 Gun Rovings.

Construction: Heavy Duty Fibreglass

Supplied with:
1. Stainless Steel Mesh Basket with 6mm diameter holes
2. A stabilising leg for assistance with installation

Installation: Can be installed either above ground or below ground

A wide range of lids are available including:

1. Heavy Duty Fibreglass
2. Light Duty Class B – Cars, Pedestrian trafficable gas tight
3. Heavy Duty Class D – Trucks, Semi Trailers and Forklifts

If gravity fall is not obtainable on an below ground unit various sizes of Risers are available.