Electrical/Multipurpose Pit

Aglass Fibreglass Electrical/Multipurpose Pit are light weight, easy to manoeuvre and can be used wherever concrete pit are required.

Fibreglass Pits do not require knockout panels as you can make pipe entries on site in almost any number of locations and sizes without effecting the structural integrity of the pit.

Fibreglass Electrical Pit are fabricated with a 7mm Iso-resin wall, HPR-800 Gun Rovings.

Construction: Heavy Duty Fibreglass

Installation: Can be installed either above ground or below ground

A wide range of lids are available including:

1. Heavy Duty Fibreglass Lid.
2. Light Duty Class B – Cars, Pedestrian trafficable gas tight.
3. Heavy Duty Class D – Trucks, Semi Trailers and Forklifts.