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Stormwater Detention Tanks

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Dwellings proposed on properties under 500 squares must detain a minimum of 2000 litres of stormwater from the roof area (minimum 60%) as well as ensuring all water from paved areas, driveways, etc drains to the street.

Properties or Developments with larger areas such as shared driveways and parking areas may need additional detention tanks.

Aglass Detention Tanks are designed to slow down the rate of flow of storm water from the property through the use of this particular storage system.

Fibreglass Detention Tanks are fabricated with a 7mm Iso-resin wall, HPR-800 Gun Rovings, Iso-Npg Gelcoat internal lining and Iso-NpgFlowcoat external finish.

Units are available with gravity discharge connection or integrated pump and float system.

Sizes: Start at 4000 litres


  • Heavy Duty Fibreglass
  • Manufactured in one piece or in modulars to increase the capacity
  • Waterproofing not required
  • Inlet / Outlet to your requirements
  • DWV pipework sizes are available from 100mm to 450mm

Installation: Units can be installed above ground and below ground

Lid Options:

  • Fibreglass for garden beds.
  • Light Duty Class B – Cars, Pedestrian trafficable gas tight.
  • Light Duty Class B – Pedestrian trafficable grate.
  • Heavy Duty Class D – Trucks, Semi Trailers and Forklifts.
  • Heavy Duty Class D – Cars, Trucks, Semi Trailers and Forklifts grate.

Delivery: Can be delivered directly to site

Maintenance: Periodically cleaning the leaf screen

If gravity fall is not obtainable Pump Stations are available in various sizes and these can be used to pump to stormwater drains or used as a pressure system for garden sprinklers, or toilets. For details see pdf drawing.

If gravity fall is not obtainable on an below ground unit various sizes of Risers are available.

Please contact Aglass by phoning: (02) 9668 8466 or emailing us via the Contact Us page for further information on any of these products.

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